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Konichiwa! Yomiko-san aka Aves Diaz here. The new revamped LoP: Dillusions shall now just be called Dillusions. The purpose of the site hasn't changed all that much. It will still feature characters from LoP but also many others.

This site is where all the little comics that take place in my head are posted, written or sketched. Short episodes only, a few jokes, a lot of them inside jokes. So if you don't get it, it's fine. Oh, and the reason it's called Dillusions? Well, because it's all in my head.


6/14/07 wow it's been neary another year, well today just added a link for the new world academy series (the cover including what's inked so far). i'm thinking of adding seperate links for the pages that are still sketched. I discovered that no longer exists... unless it was moved somewhere else...
6/30/06 Alright, I lied about not publishing this till it's finished, but I really couldn't hold myself. There are still missing stuff, but you can manage.
5/25/06 Yes, it has been nearly a year since I last edited. But now I know more about scanning and uploading etc. So, please bear with me, I'm going to redo this site but I won't publish it till it's finished. The site will look the same until I publish the redone version. 
5/31/05 New site! . I can tell you now it's a hell lot better than this one. So go over there and erase this site from your memory.
5/30/05 Konbanwa! It's been awhile, ne? Forget about chat stories and don't try going to the "official" website (it's no longer official). The story has somewhat been changed (we finally have a plot etc) and it's gotten more interesting than what I've summerized. The problem is that it's all written in three seperate notebooks (mine, Arashi's, and Rei's). All the websites that are LoP that we've created have basicly been experiments (you can tell it's not going to well). Anyway, Arashi thought up of a new system but the details are hazy. Well, now that's it's summer we have more time on our hands. So wish us luck and hope the new system (whatever it'll be) will work out and we'll finally have the story up and running.
11/09/04 I know, I know. I had so much planned for this site but it has to be postponed. My computer is now up and running but I can no longer scan, save, and upload. Okasaan thinks the computer is gonna crash again. To work around the  problem I've created Chat Stories. It's not a real chat but the story is written in that form. The first one, Math Series: Stunt Problem, is still in my notebook waiting to be typed. We'll see how it goes. Email me with your comments!
10/10/04 Gomenasai! I wasn't able to upload anything at all cause my computer is busted. I'm using a library computer in the meantime.                                                                                                                 9/24/04 Started on a halloween special. The problem is that I still have to ink everything else. On top of that, I have a lot of uploading still to do. Anyway, I'll probably upload the concept art (sketches) then replace them with the inked ones later. So if you can't read my handwriting, too bad so sad. Just kidding =^_^=
9/23/04 Drew and inked some chibi pictures to put on the site next to the intros. Then there's the problem of uploading. *sigh*
9/20/04 Added two more pages. Started Rei-san's bio.
9/19/04 Started renovating the gallery on LoP. Continuing to fix up Dillusions. All that's left are intros and uploading the images. I've finished the sketches for the Math Test Series and all I have to do is ink and upload.

realilstic rendition of Shi by moi

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to this site.

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