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Yomiko Nishihara aka Shi Youko

"I am Youko. They call me Shi."

Shi Youko was born in Japan in 1213. Her family was the head family of the Youko Clan who were at war with the Ryutachi (dragon) Clan. At age 12 her mother died of black lung and as the only child would take leadership of the clan. After the death of her mother, Shi's uncle (brother of her mother) moved his family to the country leaving behind Daisetsu in the care of Shi's father. Eventualy Shi's father remarried a woman who had a son Shi's age. It turned out the woman was part of a diabolic plot planned by the scorpion demon Rokujo. A series of events leads to the near extinction of the Youko clan and the scattering of the Ryutachi clan. Shi begins her century wandering only to be framed for a massacre. She is then sealed for more centuries to come and was eventually released by accident by a man named Azul. Shi takes his son as her apprentice and eventualy sails to the Americas generations later. She flies back to Japan with Akinori (Azul's descendent) under the name of Yomiko Nishihara and more events are triggered with the confrontation of Arashi Ryutachi and Rokujo. In the end Rokujo is killed but the horrors and creatures he left behind are still scattered throughout Japan and the globe. Yomiko begins a 20 year hunt with Akinori and Kasuga (a clone of her mother created by Rokujo). And her story continues on.

Yomiko by moi


Name: Shi Youko

B-day: April 16, 1213

Race:Immortal Fox Demon

Weapon:Throwing Needles



Dillusions Info:
Shi Youko goes by the name Yomiko. Before the creation of a character representing me (Aves), Yomiko acted in my stead though both our personalities are completely opposite.


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